Head and home, styled by Kenley

Kenley and I had a day off together last Thursday for the first time in several weeks, and we decided to have lunch and stroll along Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

We had been wanting to explore the street, which is just a few miles from our apartment and lined with restaurants, bars, art galleries and funky independent shops. It has been described as the antithesis of the luxury brands along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Luckily, Kenley was in the mood to browse, if not purchase. I hope to make another excursion soon for some more serious clothing shopping, which I find is best done alone. No need for Kenley to know how much I spend on my jeans.

In the meantime, here are Kenley’s cool finds:

Kenley is always looking for cool hats to cover his shiny head. This Goorin Brothers Trucker Hat found at Enda King is the perfect gift for all Gamecock fans or just plain cocky men. For the ladies, they have cougars, foxes, chicks and female dogs.

Kenley was like a kid in a candy shop at the A+R design store, and I had to tell him several times to stop touching things. Kenley’s favorite thing was this handset for his cell phone. I like this wall mount for your iPad and these colorful folding chairs.

Didn’t realize how much he appreciated high design (maybe it’s Apple’s influence), but he also liked the Sleek Identity pop-up store, which is open until mid August. His favorite piece there was this fun cutting board, which would make a unique wedding gift.


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