A Fling at The Cinema Bar

Columbia, S.C., was well represented Sunday night at The Cinema Bar in Culver City, where Kenley Young and James Touzel, formerly of Fling, reunited for their first show together in Los Angeles.

In the audience were a handful of former Columbia musicians, including:

  • Jeremy Touzel, guitar player and songwriter for The Sinators, who lives in Orange County (he’s James’ older brother)
  • Ronnie Cleland, drummer for The Sinators and Fling, who is a texture artist in Los Angeles
  • Tyler Morris, singer for Calculator, who was visiting from Columbia

James Touzel, Jeremy Touzel, Kenley Young and Ronnie Cleland

Kenley and James played Fling favorite “No More Than Enough,” as well as several new songs that James had never played, such as “Signal,” “Mary’s Field” and “No Good to Me in Pieces.”

The songs “A Place Where Nothing Grows” and “To Term”  from Kenley’s solo record, “Standard Candle,” made their California debut.

Covers included favorites “Karma Police” and “Pyscho Killer.” Kenley also remembered Amy Winehouse, who died in London on Saturday at the age of 27, with a strong cover of “Rehab.”

Kenley once again packed The Cinema Bar with co-workers from FOXSports.com, Columbia expats and new friends. We appreciate everyone’s support!

Although The Cinema Bar is a small and unassuming place, it hosts live music almost every night. It’s the type of venue where musicians might stop in and jam unannounced. So we weren’t too surprised when, after Kenley finished his set and the bar had cleared out, a guy with a guitar came in for an impromptu late-night set. It was Johnny Hawthorn, who has played guitar for Toad the Wet Sprocket and Everclear. A guy at the bar joined in on harmonica on a few songs. Hawthorn plays The Cinema Bar officially on Sept. 15. Listen to his music on his website.

Kenley is working with Lorrie Rivers, who plays ukulele. We’re also hoping to find a drum kit for Ronnie so he can join Kenley and James the next time they’re on stage.

Kenley plays his first gig at Molly Malone’s on Aug. 8. You can hear his music on his website and download it on iTunes. Also, in case you missed it, here’s the post from Kenley’s first Los Angeles show at The Cinema Bar last month. Hope to see ya down the road!


One thought on “A Fling at The Cinema Bar

  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time; wish we could have been there. Maybe when we visit next time we’ll get to hear the old guard (plus some new members) play and sing again.

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