Smurf happens

Remember when you woke up Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, like “The Smurfs”? Remember the glasses you collected from Hardee’s (or, if you were on the West Coast, Carl’s Jr.)? Remember making sure your mom would take you back until you had the whole set? Remember how many of the little blue figurines you had?

I even dressed up like a Smurf in the fourth grade for a school play. Too bad my scanner isn’t hooked up, or I would post the photo.

Well, that’s the Smurfy nostalgia studio executives are hoping will lead you to take your children to see the new Smurfs movie, which opens this weekend.

You might remember The Smurfs was one of the trailers Sony Pictures highlighted during our studio tour when my parents visited in May.

And, when Audrey visited in July, we had our photo taken in front of a40-foot Smurf, reportedly the world’s largest, at Santa Monica Place shopping center at the end of the Third Street Promenade.

One thing I’ve been wondering is, what took them so long? The Daily Beast answers my question in this article about the type of behind-the-scenes deals that happen before a movie is made.

Katy Perry, who is the voice of Smurfette, and other cast members looked Smurfy at the premiere in New York. Check out her dress on the Huffington Post celebrity site here.

But this review in The Hollywood Reporter suggests that, well, Smurf happens.


One thought on “Smurf happens

  1. I must admit that I loathe(d) the Smurfs but I will surely cherish this picture forever. When’s the next time I will be able to take a picture with a huge ass smurf?! Did you see the movie, by the way? 🙂

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