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Despite what my blog posts and Tweeter feed suggest, I do not spend all my time hosting guests, dining out, seeing live music and going to movies. It is true that I’ve enjoyed exploring my new city and love hosting friends and family.

I also have been working part time as a stylist at Ann Taylor Loft, and I helped when the store moved into a larger, new concept store in Marina Del Rey.

I admit I could get used to working fewer than 40 hours a week. I haven’t had any trouble finding things to do to keep me busy — from walking Malia and grocery shopping to writing this blog. However, if I want to keep up with my lifestyle and continue traveling the West Coast, going to new restaurants and buying the newest fall fashions, I must find a full-time job.

So I’ve spent the past week searching online, updating my resume and writing cover letters.

The truth is I enjoy working, and I’ve made significant contributions to the places where I have worked.

So below is a professional profile I wrote to post on LinkedIn and this blog, to let you know that I’m looking for a full-time job in Los Angeles and asking for your help.

If you’re in Los Angeles and know of opportunities, please let me know. If you know anyone in Los Angeles — or know someone who knows someone in Los Angeles — who might be aware of opportunities, please feel free to send them a link to my professional profile and resume.

Or, if you feel so inclined, you can join my network and write me a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your support!

(And thanks to Kim Kim Foster Tobin, The State newspaper photographer who took these portraits at my desk before I left The State in 2009.)


I am a well-rounded communications professional with extensive writing and editing experience. I have strong research and organization skills, which allow me to develop strategic plans, coordinate projects and events, and manage people to execute the plan. I understand the importance of tailoring a message to an audience and a market. I understand the value of delivering a consistent message that supports a mission and increases awareness of a brand. I believe in the power of a good story, but have learned never to underestimate the value of a helpful list.

I embrace social media, from LinkedIn to Twitter and Google+.  The use of jargon is my biggest pet peeve.

I am at my best in creative yet somewhat structured environments where brainstorming is encouraged and my insights are desired. I want to be involved in my community. I seek out new trends and love to shop and travel.  I laugh a lot. I have strong customer-service skills and strive to present myself with style and charm.

I relocated to Los Angeles several months ago after my husband accepted a position as a copy desk chief with I recently launched this blog, Shellevation, which chronicles a Southern girl’s adventures in Los Angeles. It has renewed my passion for writing, as well as exploring everything my new city has to offer.

I am in search of a full-time position where I can write or edit content via print or social media or manage communications strategy. I would also excel in a position where I can use my organizational skills to plan marketing or social events.

I would be a valuable addition to a news, business or lifestyle publication or website, or a nonprofit focused on arts and culture, social, or education issues. I also would be a strong candidate for a public relations agency. And I would make a fabulous executive or personal assistant for the right person.


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