Old-school social networking

It was great to see Chip Oglesby — former photo editor/online producer at The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C. — on the final night of his two-week-long “Chip Goes Southwest” tour.

Chip’s tour included stays in Portland, Olympia, Seattle, San Francisco and Sonoma. On Saturday, he drove down the Pacific Coast Highway from Lompoc to Los Angeles. Naturally, he took photos all along the way, including the self-portrait below. You can check out all his photos on his Flickr photostream.

Pacific Coast Highway Sunset

Chip had been told he should see Venice Beach because he was so close, and we were happy to oblige. We strolled down the infamous Venice Beach Boardwalk, where Chip snapped several photos of the funky scene, which actually looks pretty in the soft light of the setting sun.

Venice Beach

We had dinner at a restaurant right off the boardwalk called Larry’s, which had opened just a few weeks earlier.  I had been wanting to try it because it’s run by the same people who own Waterloo & City (one of our favorite Culver City restaurants); because everything on the menu is $15 or less; and because of its location just off the beach. Larry’s is definitely one of the best casual-restaurant options near the water. Grub Street does a good job of characterizing how the gastropub fits in the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to when the restaurant starts happy hours and brunch.

Here’s a photo of Kenley and me that Chip snapped with my iPhone during dinner:

Later, he stepped away to catch this amazing shot of his last West Coast sunset before heading back to the East Coast:

Venice Beach

We talked about the fate of newspapers and the latest in the social networking scene in Columbia, including the growing number of food trucks, and Chip mentioned he wished he could try Kogi Korean barbecue. I told him that wouldn’t be a problem, as the nearby Alibi Room offers many of the favorites from Roy Choi’s famed fusion food truck.

Chip said he enjoyed the Kogi three-taco combo, which he described in a tweet as “amazing.” He promises to return the favor and take us to the Bone-in Artisan Barbecue Truck next time we’re in Columbia. We’re definitely going to take him up on that offer!


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