Sweet red velvet

According to my year-end report from WordPress, the post with the most views was Red velvet chocolate chip pancake recipe, and “red velvet pancakes” was the search term that brought the most visitors to Shellevation.

I have always loved pancakes and red velvet cake (the Hill family traditionally has it at Christmas, and Kenley and I chose it as a layer of our wedding cake), so I was excited to track down the Los Angeles’ Buttermilk Truck and try the decadent combination. I wrote about it in July in a post called Just Keep Truckin’ On.

After that, I searched the web to find a red velvet chocolate chip recipe so I could try it at home. I found a fellow SoCal blogger, Mrs. Regueiro’s Plate, who had done the same. I tried her recipe and posted my own entry about how they turned out. Delicious!

Most recently, Kenley and I went to The Griddle Cafe, a breakfast-lovers diner on the Sunset Strip that is known for its red velvet panCAKE. Read about it in She’s making a list.

I’m also eager to try the raspberry red velvet waffle at Waffle Chix in Westwood, as well as the red and blue velvet pancakes at Larchmont Bungalow. Let me know if you’ve tried red velvet pancakes or waffles at other places so I can add them to my list.

I had always heard that red velvet cake was a Southern tradition. The best history I could find comes from online magazine Gilt Taste. It includes a link to a recipe for the original red wine red velvet cake.

And, just so you have plenty of time to plan for Valentine’s Day, I’ve collected about 50 of the red velvet recipes on Pinterest on my sweet red velvet board. You can find all kinds of recipes, from the traditional Southern red velvet cake to red velvet Twinkies, red velvet donuts and Rice Krispy treats (Thanks, Rob).


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Let me know if you try any of the recipes or if you have another favorite red velvet recipe! Happy baking and happy Valentine’s Day!


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