Nuts for Nutella!

Thanks to LA Weekly’s Squid Ink for spreading the news that today  is World Nutella Day. That’s a holiday I can celebrate.

I discovered that the chocolate hazelnut spread was invented by the founder of Ferrero Rocher chocolates during the 1940s to extend the chocolate supply. And the Ferrero company also makes my favorite European chocolate candy, the Kinder Surprise! Let me know if you know where to find those anywhere in the U.S.

Not sure why, but the West Coast seems to have a special affinity for Nutella. Kenley and I have cited several Nutella-inspired deserts since moving to Los Angeles, from Nutella ice cream at Coolhaus to Nutella creme brulee at Stefan’s at LA Farm, as well as Nutella crepes and waffles at several French cafes. This Los Angeles times article does a good job of explaining the cult of Nutella.

Not even knowing that World Nutella Day was coming up (how is that possible?), I have been collecting recipes that call for Nutella and have posted them on my Pinterest board, Nuts for Nutella. They include gems as Nutella crack pie, bacon-coated Nutella and Nutella shots. The World Nutella Day website boasts more than 700 Nutella-inspired recipes!

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