You’re invited to shop Shellevation, my online boutique

I am super-excited to announce the grand opening of Shellevation, my online boutique at

Please take some time to look around and bookmark the site so you can visit whenever you want to shop.

At Shellevation, you’ll find everything from wardrobe staples such as T’s, tanks, jeans and flip-flops to splurge-worthy designer dresses, shoes, handbags and jewelry. The styles you’ll find in the Shellevation online boutique reflect the best of Southern charm and SoCal cool. Shellevation is laid-back and casual, yet sophisticated and polished. You’ll notice a beachy vibe.

Shopping at Shellevation is like shopping with me by your side at a boutique or high-end department store. I’ve picked out every item, with you — my friends and family — in mind. If I wouldn’t wear it, or if I couldn’t see one of you wearing it, then you won’t find it. If you don’t see a style or brand you’re looking for, please feel free to email me or click the “ask” button at the top of the storefront, and I’ll be happy to add it to the store, if it’s available. You can help me decide what to stock by filling out this short survey about your favorite brands.

Pinterest users will note that the storefront looks a lot like a Pinterest board. You can find my style recommendations on the right rail, which include suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts as well as travel essentials and what to wear to the beach.

The Shellevation online boutique is brought to you with the help of StyleOwner. The website allows me to set up a storefront, select my favorite styles and offer them to you. (You can find out more about StyleOwner in this Wall Street Journal article.)

Your experience is just like shopping at any of your other favorite online stores. Your payment and the shipping are handled directly by the manufacturer or distributor (which you’ll find is often Saks Fifth Avenue), and not by me. Major credit cards are accepted, and shipping is often free for purchases of $150 or more. I do not set the prices, and unfortunately can’t offer discounts, but items are marked down seasonally just like at any other store. (I’ve even pulled out the “best of sale” in my style recommendations.)

What’s in it for me? I get to curate my own store and earn a small percentage of sales in return for my marketing skills. Please feel free to share the link to the Shellevation online boutique however you might wish: email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Welcome to Shellevation, where you can elevate your style!


One thought on “You’re invited to shop Shellevation, my online boutique

  1. Congrats, Shelley. I think this is a great idea based upon your expertise of style and fashion. I look forward to perusing your listings. Good luck!

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