East Coast or West Coast?

I’ve recently started doing some freelance copy editing for The Hollywood Reporter, and this article about the New-York-vs.-Los-Angeles Culture War was one of my favorites to edit so far. It appeared in the April 20-May 3 Spring Double Issue, which is The New York Issue of the industry magazine.

As a transplanted East Coaster living in Los Angeles, I found that I still cling to my East Coast ways. What about you? Do you prefer Diet Coke or iced tea? Do you go to the gym? What time do you arrive at the office? What time are your dinner reservations? How many cocktails do you sip before heading home? Your answers to these questions might determine whether you are better suited for a New York or L.A. lifestyle. Check out the photo gallery here.

The issue also includes an article about which styles sell best in N.Y. vs. L.A. That article is available only online to subscribers, but here’s the lead-in by Carol McColgin:

Manhattan and Beverly Hills women love their Louboutins, but that’s where the shopping similarities end. Polished, sophisticated neutrals are the go-to styles back east, while bright colors and playful pieces are the rage out west.

So here are the Louboutins that are preferred on the East Coast, according to Barneys New York:

Source: barneys.com via Shelley on Pinterest

And here are the ones preferred by the West Coast girls:

Source: barneys.com via Shelley on Pinterest

I’m definitely siding with the East Coasters on this one, if only I could afford the $1,245 shoes.

But I’m an L.A. woman when it comes to this Valentino rockstud bag, which also is way out of my price range at $2,075.

And this Givnechy Bird of Paradise dress, which is $2,395.

For a more affordable way of showing your East Coast vs. West Coast allegiance: East Coast women tend to choose J Brand’s pastel skinny jeans for $170, while West Coast women choose neon denim leggings by Rag & Bone for $188, according to the article.

Me? I might not be trendy, but I’m sticking with always-flattering dark skinny denim.


2 thoughts on “East Coast or West Coast?

  1. I am forever a West Coast girl. I still can’t wrap my brain around the “Southern” and “East Coast” rules of when one should wear white (but let’s face it … with three kids, unless it’s a very washable Gap T-shirt, I steer clear from white anyway) and never leaving the house until you’re completely made up.

  2. Very interesting info, Shelley. We don’t mind your siding with some of the West Coast preferences and styles as long as you don’t forsake you East Coast heritage—just kidding, of course. We just want you back on the East Coast one day, setting trends and fashion for the women of southern, mid-Atlantic, and New England states.

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