About Shelley Hill Young

I’m a recovering journalist, a media junkie and a shopaholic. I’m a list maker, event planner and trend spotter. I’m a beach person with a bad case of wanderlust. I’m an animal lover and a football fan. I love music with a little twang or a lot of soul. A good story or a good song often make me cry.

I proudly call Columbia, S.C., my home, but relocated to Los Angeles in January 2011 after my husband, Kenley, accepted a new job.

I started this blog to stay connected with my friends and family back home, but I also hope to offer insights into trends, lifestyles and culture.

Consider Shellevation your concierge: part travel guide, part fashion adviser and part social director.

Thanks to Kenley, the best headline writer and copy editor I know, who helped me develop my Twitter handle, @shellevator, and the name of this blog. It’s hip, positive and a little irreverent, kinda like me.

Please introduce yourself and feel free to leave your comments.




6 thoughts on “About Shelley Hill Young

  1. Hey Shel! I just googled “Southern accent” for a story i’m working on. And your blog popped up in the top 10 results. Awesome.

    Miss you,


  2. Hi Shelly
    Just took a quick look at your blog (it came up in my search for studio pics) as I was nostalgia bitten about my old stomping ground Culver city CCHS’66. ??????? Wow where did the time go. Its pretty strange how the neighborhood changes. If your still eating meat get a pastrami at Johnnie’s I’m sure they are not healthy in any way but quite delicious.
    your descriptions of teh resurants are very amusing; although very alarming since I have never heard of most of them when I lived there. I like your writting style and your little restaurant reviews which are informative rather than vicious. Bye bye

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