Professional profile

I am a well-rounded communications professional with extensive writing and editing experience. I have strong research and organization skills, which allow me to develop strategic plans, coordinate projects and events, and manage people to execute the plan. I understand the importance of tailoring a message to an audience and a market. I understand the value of delivering a consistent message that supports a mission and increases awareness of a brand. I believe in the power of a good story, but have learned never to underestimate the value of a helpful list.

I embrace social media, from LinkedIn and Twitter to Google+ and Pinterest.

I am at my best in creative yet somewhat structured environments where brainstorming is encouraged and my insights are desired. I want to be involved in my community. I seek out new trends and love to shop and travel.  I laugh a lot. I have strong customer-service skills and strive to present myself with style and charm.

I relocated to Los Angeles with my husband in January 2011 and launched this blog, Shellevation, which chronicles a Southern girl’s adventures in L.A. It has renewed my passion for writing, as well as exploring everything my still new city has to offer.

I am in search of a full-time position where I can write or edit content via print or social media or manage communications strategy. I would also excel in a position where I can use my organizational skills to plan marketing or social events.

I would be a valuable addition to a news, business or lifestyle publication or website, or a nonprofit focused on arts and culture, social, or education issues. I also would be a strong candidate for a public relations agency.

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