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Headquartered in New York, the mission of The Associated Press is to be the essential global news network, providing distinctive news services of the highest quality, reliability, and objectivity with reports that are accurate, balanced and informed. About 3,700 employees – two-thirds of them newsgatherers – work in more than 300 locations worldwide.

As a newswoman in the Atlanta bureau of The Associated Press from September 1998 to April 2000, I wrote breaking news and short enterprise stories for the regional and national wires. Below are some of the articles I wrote:

March 8, 1999
Margaret Mitchell’s Atlanta has gone with the wind

ATLANTA — Don’t come to Atlanta looking for the city made famous in “Gone With The Wind.” Tara doesn’t exist, and there’s not an authentic plantation to be found within an hour’s drive of Georgia’s capital. (Read full story)

March 28, 1999
Target takes on Wal-Mart
STONE MOUNTAIN — A woman wiped a tear from her eye as concert pianist Jim
Brickman performed “Love of my Life.” He played flawlessly — except when a pedal got stuck on the artificial turf.

Nearly 100 people gathered among the displays of lawn chairs and outdoor tables for Brickman’s concert, held between the outdoor department and the automotive department in the Southeast’s first SuperTarget store. (Read full story)

April 2, 1999
Scientists tackle ‘mysteries’ of marshmallow birds
ATLANTA — The question baffled two Emory University researchers: What are Peeps — those marshmallow birds that appear in stores around Easter — anyway? (Read full story)

April 13, 1999
Firefighter dangling from helicopter rescues stranded worker
ATLANTA — A construction worker trapped on top of a swaying, 250-foot crane above a raging fire for more than an hour was rescued Monday by a firefighter dangling perilously from a helicopter cable. (Read full story)

July 30, 1999
Disgruntled investor, sought in killing of 12, kills self
ATLANTA — A “day trader” apparently upset over stock losses opened fire Thursday in two brokerage offices, killing nine people and wounding 12. He escaped, then shot himself to death five hours later when police stopped his van at a gas station.

During the manhunt, police found bodies of gunman’s wife, his son and daughter in their suburban home — bludgeoned to death with a blunt instrument as long as two days before the office shootings. (Read full story)

August 9, 1999
Mega Mall aims to set standard
BUFORD — Walk into the Mall of Georgia’s main entrance, designed to look like
Atlanta’s famous Fox Theatre, make a right and you’ll think that you’ve traveled to Savannah’s Forsyth Square.

The 1.7-million-square-foot enclosed mall, which opens this weekend, takes shoppers on a scaled-down tour of Georgia, from the coast and plains to the piedmont and mountains. (Read full story)

October 26, 1999
Americans are getting fatter, especially in the South
ATLANTA — Americans are getting fatter, and the South — where meals are often finger-lickin’ good and steamy summers lead to days of lounging inside — is leading the way. (Read full story)

December 23, 1999
Plane sells for many bucks.com
ATLANTA — Mark Cuban, co-founder of broadcast.com, bought almost all of his
holiday gifts on the Internet, including a Hanukkah gift for himself — a $40 million jet from Savannah-based Gulfstream.

It was the largest Internet transaction in history, according to e-commerce experts. (Read full story)

February 13, 2000
Network weathers the storm
ATLANTA — Asking someone ”How’s the weather?” isn’t just an attempt at small talk at the suburban Atlanta headquarters of The Weather Channel (Read full story)

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